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Everyday, technology is advancing well beyond our wildest dreams. These advancements are allowing for some of the most innovative and impressive achievements in human history. New tech like augmented reality and virtual reality are making waves in a variety of industries, and real estate development is no exception. The possibilities that virtual reality allowed for were always known, but now they are becoming fully realized. New virtual reality real estate development labs are opening up around the country, and it will be interesting to track their true impact.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, a new virtual reality lab specifically tailored for real estate developers has opened up in Florida. This lab allows for developers of all kinds to truly embrace the potential of technology to make the best possible projects. In short, the lab offers a large space for developers to don virtual reality headsets and “walk” through a project before construction even begins.


The virtual buildings, which can vary from commercial buildings to apartment complexes, are three-dimensional representations of traditional two-dimensional blueprints and schematics that have been adapted for virtual reality viewing. So, a developer looking to build her newest hotel can draw up some blueprints, use the virtual reality technology to create a mock, three-dimensional render, and walk through the entire building, all within the confines of the lab. The developer can then change wallpaper designs, ensure that building codes are met and make cosmetic and functional changes to the building’s design by seeing it before it’s ever built. It can truly help save on construction and renovation costs, and it can allow for even greater innovative and almost immaculate architecture.


Suffolk Construction, the contracting company that created the lab, is hoping that these spaces will allow developers to get a better sense of what they are building so that there are no open-ended questions before building. And this isn’t Suffolk’s first lab, either. They have labs in several major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and Tampa.


The labs include various other features, such as Data Walls that show real-time statistics and analytics on projects, and put a heavy emphasis on collaboration, boasting technology that specifically allows for players from all aspects of the building process to compare notes and communicate with one another. New technology will continue to impact the way that buildings are developed. Personally, I am very excited to see how technology continues to improve the development process.