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If you’ve been brought up in the digital age, then you are well aware of smartphones and the bevy of apps that can be downloaded and installed to them. These apps range in functionality and design, allowing us to communicate with each other, play games with each other and even perform tasks once thought impossible.

If you weren’t raised in the digital age, but you own a smartphone, you might not be as keen on installing the latest and greatest apps to your mobile device. But don’t assume that these apps are a waste of time. Apps can be incredibly beneficial, especially for the business professional. That’s right, if you’re a CEO or entrepreneur, there are a host apps that can aid you on your quest for success. Here are a few of the best ones.


If you’re the CEO of a mid-level-to-large-sized business, then chances are you travel. A lot. Such is the life of the executive. If you’re traveling, you’ll need to keep track of your receipts and expenditures so that your company will reimburse you. That’s a hassle, but with the BizExpense app, you’ll be able to keep track much easier. The app connects to your smartphone’s camera and allows you to take photos of receipts and other documents. And once they’re taken, you can sync up all of those photos and stats to an Excel sheet and be ready to crunch some numbers.


With ThinkFree, users are able to create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets on the go. That, alone, might not necessarily seem like a good enough reason to download the app. But, where ThinkFree really shines is in its sharing service. Users can create and edit documents and presentations with other users in real time. This allows CEOs and entrepreneurs the ability to make edits to important documents with various members of their team across multiple departments from anywhere in the world. That’s a useful feature that’s worth its weight in gold.


Evernote has been a popular app for almost as long as mobile apps have existed. With Evernote, users can take diligent notes, set reminders and be organized. Additionally, the app allows users to sync notes between devices; this means that you can start a note on your tablet, then transfer it to your laptop, then continue on your desktop and finish the note on your smartphone. It’s absolutely brilliant. But if you’re a CEO, you’ll definitely want the business edition of Evernote, which allows multiple users to integrate data from other apps (like Google Drive and Salesforce) and share information in real time. It’s a large-scale collaborative document.

These are just a handful of apps that can keep you and your team organized, and streamline your workflow.