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There’s no doubt about it, shared-economy apps are a mainstay of today’s society. People around the world are in love with the ability to quickly get to where they need to be and sleep in a nice, comfy bed virtually anywhere and anytime. I’m of course referring to Airbnb and ride-sharing apps like Uber. These services have disrupted the way that legacy industries (taxi services and hotels) do business. No one ever thought that taxies in New York City would have to compete with any other service, and yet, Uber is posing a real challenge. Another popular ride-sharing app is Lyft. Often seen as Uber’s only true competitor, Lyft has made a major name for itself in the last few years or so. Currently, the company makes roughly $700 million in revenue. Like any other young company, it’s eager to grow and to expand into different markets. Lyft’s latest venture seeks to do just that.

According to a report from Digital Trends, Lyft is looking to enter the electric scooter service. The report states that representatives at the ride-sharing company are in very early talks with San Francisco city officials to create a scooter service. The new service would not see users renting out their own scooters; instead, Lyft would create and manufacture electric scooters for users to rent. The report also claims that the company is developing concepts for scooters.

It would seem as though Lyft is already involved in the electric scooter industry, seeing as how they are already running a similar service in Baltimore, Maryland. As of late, San Francisco has been something of a mecca for electric scooter services. The city already has several different scooter services, including one operated by Uber, Lyft’s major competitor.

While getting around on an electric scooter may be exhilarating for some, for others, it is causing a great deal of grief.

While there is no timeframe on when we can expect a full fledged electric scooter service (or if we’ll ever see one), this would be an interesting move on the company’s part. With major businesses like Uber and Lyft joining in on the electric scooter industry, could we expect to see an all-out scooter revolution? Will they make bicycles obsolete? Regardless, Ro2, our new development project in Phoenix’s art district, will be the perfect area to get around in whether you use a car or a scooter.