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With the creation of the smartphone came one of the most important, if not slightly underappreciated, components of 21st Century society: the mobile application. These applications, or apps, are the lifeblood of the smartphone industry. Without these apps, smartphones would simply be cell phones. Apps allow for us to perform a variety of tasks, from online banking to gaming to instant communication; they have truly changed the way we interact with one another. In fact, these apps are so revolutionary that they have spawned entire industries from their popularity.

One such example is that of the shared economy. In short, the shared economy is an industry that allows for peer-to-peer exchanges of goods and services through the use of mobile applications or websites. Prime examples of this would be Lyft, Uber or Airbnb.


I believe that technology is a crucial component of our society, and that we should embrace these new industries and technologies. With that being said, here are a few of the most fascinating sharing economy apps.



Have you ever struggled to find a parking spot, spending countless hours looking for the perfect location, only to settle for a mediocre space that is blocks away from your destination? JustPark looks to end the hassle of parking spot hunting. The app allows for owners of private parking lots or spaces to rent out these spaces to drivers. Users simply login to the app, find a moderately-priced space nearby and park. The service claims that its parking spaces are far cheaper than costs of traditional street parking.



Are you going on vacation and looking for a genuine, one-of-a-kind experience? An experience that will make you feel like a local? Then you might want to download Vayable. Users simply pay for authentic, local tour-guides in order to get the best sense of what that particular area really feels like. And, if you feel as though you could offer a unique perspective on your own hometown, you can sign up to become a tour guide and get paid for your service.



HomeDine looks to partner those looking for an authentic, home-cooked meal with those looking to provide one. HomeDine is perfect for anyone on a trip to another state or country who is tired of restaurant experiences, and eager for that area’s true culinary prowess.


Each of these apps allows for people to come together, learn more about each other, and make a profit while doing so. It’s a fascinating industry shift that is poised to grow even larger in the foreseeable future.