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It’s time to go green and become a sustainable society and it can be done directly on a smartphone! With the push into saving the environment and reducing carbon footprints companies are designing apps to help change your everyday lifestyle. Below is a list of some of the top free apps to help you go green in all areas of your life.

Love Your Leftovers

This app started with a cookbook aimed at helping cut down on food waste from leftovers. The app allows users to find new and exciting recipes to utilize the contents of their refrigerators using a simple user friendly search. Users can also share apps with the Love Your Leftovers community and plan ahead with meal prep recipes to help reduce their amount of food waste.


Correctly recycling items like batteries, couches, and printers can be difficult, but iRecycle helps find the correct location for all of those items. Using the GPS in your smartphone, the app helps find the nearest recycling center for a wide variety of household items. The app also provides the address, phone number and the website of the location so recyclers can double check they are taking the correct items to the right recycling center.


The amount of junk mail showing up every day can seem never ending, but PaperKarma is here to end the excess! After downloading the app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, simply take a picture of the credit card application, flier or catalog, hit okay, and poof, the end of excess junk mail as you know it!


JouleBug rewards you with badges, pins and points for being sustainable. The app takes the best parts of mobile gaming, social media and educational tools and rolled it into one app that lets you compete with your friends to see who’s the most sustainable! Users can also sync their utility bills and track their progress to see how much they are saving every month.


OLIO connects neighbors and businesses with each other to eliminate the surplus of food and other items that can be shared in the area. Whether you just love cooking and always have leftovers or you’re a local business with extra, simply take a picture of the food or items and post them to OLIO.

Good On You

Looking to make your fashion choices more sustainable? Good On You is your ethical fashion app! The app provides ethical brand ratings of over 1,100 fashion brands and their impact on their workers, environment and animals. It’s also a great way to discover new ethical and sustainable brands that match your style and values!