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A while back I wrote an article on how our smartphones have unlocked amazing potential in our lives. We are now able to do so much without even leaving the comfort of our own bed. But again, as I mentioned in my previous article, my personal favorite use of smartphones is participating in philanthropic and sustainable endeavors. There are several apps available today that allow us to show our charitable side without even leaving the house. Because there are so many out there, I figured I would highlight even more sustainable apps.

Sustainable Homes App

If you have the time, willpower and income, you might want to look into making your own home sustainable. But, with today’s technological advancements, it may be hard to know where to start. The Sustainable Homes app makes the process simple. The app simply offers a bevy of information on sustainable features, technologies and appliances that you can use to make your home green. More specifically, it features useful information on solar power installation, energy efficiency and similar techniques.

Love Food Hate Waste

Human beings are great at doing a lot of things; storing and recycling food isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, Americans waste over $160 billion-worth of food every year. That’s far too much food to be wasting. The Love Food Hate Waste app is designed specifically to prevent average citizens from wasting their food. The app features a variety of recipes for meals that can be made using leftovers. The app even allows you to stay organized by featuring a shopping list and meal planner.

The Garden Planner

There’s nothing greener than, well, planting your own green plants! Unfortunately, not everyone has the coveted “green thumb.” So, The Garden Planner helps provide some tips and tricks so that anyone can garden like a pro. The app features instructions on how to plant your vegetables and when you should be harvesting. It also features reminders that are integrated with your phone’s weather updates, so that your plants have the best chance of surviving. The Garden Planner app is perfect for anyone looking to make their world a little more green, literally.