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Although most people know me as a real estate developer, I like to expand my horizons whenever possible. Throughout my professional career, I’ve always tried to incorporate my personal interests into my work. Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by digital technology. Technology has always made me think about just how far humans have come, as a species. We’ve managed to make our lives easier and more comfortable by utilizing the world’s elements in our favor. More specifically, I enjoy software. That is precisely why I have incorporated some software development in my professional skill set.

With that in mind, I’ve seen first hand just how difficult software development is. And for any of your future software developers out there, I thought I could highlight some of the most common mistakes I’ve seen developers and businesses make in regards to software.

Things Will Be Quick and Easy

In today’s digital age, most businesses need a software development team of some sort. And sometimes, CEOs and other executives and the software team don’t exactly meet eye-to-eye. Sometimes, executives will ask for the software team to complete a simple task, but for software development, nothing is easy. One simple request could require hundreds of lines of code, which takes time and patience, seeing as how code is like its own language; everything needs to be precise. This can cause delays and make higher management upset, but they need to realize that programming and software development is an intensive process.

An Inability to Estimate Times Properly

When software developers set out to program something, time estimates play a large factor in the process. If a dev team has been issued a task to complete, a timeframe is important, but arbitrary times cannot be thrown out. One must take into account all of the elements involved in the programming/coding process in order to gain an accurate time frame. Too many times executives hand out short timeframes without taking into account just how long and laborious the process is, resulting in subpar software.
These are only two small mistakes often made by software developers and the software development teams of businesses, both large and small. There are far more mistakes made by software devs. If you’re looking to get into the industry, make sure that you try your hardest to avoid situations such as these, and if you find yourself dealing with management that simply doesn’t understand code, try your hardest to explain the situation.