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Looking for a job can be difficult. Unless you have a fantastic professional network and are so skilled in your area that everyone you know is fighting for the opportunity to work with you, then you’ll probably have to put in a little time and energy to find your next job. Before the introduction and world-wide acceptance of mobile apps, job hunting was an exceptionally grueling process. However, in the today’s digital age, the process is slightly less taxing. If you’re in the process of looking for a new role, I’ve compiled a list of helpful apps that can make your day a little less stressful.


What do you expect from most job-searching apps? Probably the ability to look for new jobs and apply to them, right? Well, Glassdoor does that and then some. With Glassdoor, users can look for jobs, find reviews on prospective employers and even find approximate salaries for the positions they are applying for. It’s an exceptional tool that allows you to dig a bit deeper and see if there’s any reason you wouldn’t want to work for a company. You can also enter your interests and skills in your profile and the app will notify you when it comes across a matching position.


Monster treats the job-hunting world like the dating world. The popular dating app Tinder has long been synonymous with the terms, “swiping right” and “swiping left.” Monster, the decades-old job searching website, has an app that utilizes this technique. Users simply create their profile, add their skills and experience, and hunt for positions by swiping left or right on the job opening. It’s a simple, yet effective, way of searching. Since Monster is so well-known, it’s been able to amass a large database of positions and a trustworthiness amongst employers and employees.


As anyone who’s ever been in an executive or managerial position knows, the hiring process is a long and tedious one. There are hundreds of applications to file through, phone screens to schedule, interview to conduct and then offers to be made; it takes a while. But HireWire is trying to change that by promising a new job within 24 hours. Instead of uploading a resume, HireWire allows users to create an interactive profile that employers can see and determine whether the want to hire you or not. While the app seems to be catered to the services industry, it’s still a useful tool for anyone looking for a quick job.

Use the apps to find the perfect job for your skill set and desires. Good luck!