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When discussing software, you’ll more than likely come across the term “API.” For the uninitiated, an API (Application Program Interface), is simply a series of tools, protocols and software used to create other software, mainly applications. They are the tools used to create the mobile applications found on your smartphone. Obviously, they are incredibly crucial; without them, software developers would not be able to create the apps that we rely so heavily on today.

With that being said, young and upcoming software developers might not be totally familiar with the vast array of API tools that are at their disposal. In order to combat that, I decided to compile a small list of useful and powerful API tools that any developer can become familiar with.

API Umbrella

With API Umbrella, devs can take advantage of its versatile abilities. Umbrella allows devs to rate limit, cache, and to keep track of API Keys and analytics. The tool is so powerful that it can even create its own admin interface. Umbrella can also allow multiple users to access multiple domains using varied permissions.

WSO2 API Manager

This open-source API tool seems to be an ideal fit for business purposes. If you’re utilizing a SOAP or REST-style API, then WSO2 has you covered. The manager also includes various governance policies, monetization, the ability to read OpenAPI definitions and multiple gateways, and much more. WSO2 is an incredibly powerful tool.

This powerful tool’s greatest strength lies in its dashboards and developer portals. These portals allow for devs to access crucial documentation, rate limiting and several other features that are ideal for the microservices sector. It should be noted, however, that is free for non-commercial uses; if you intend to use the tool for commercial purposes, then you will be forced to upgrade to their premium service.

These are only a very small number of API tools that any software developer can use. Go forth and experiment with these tools and try others. Get out there and make some of the greatest apps the world has ever seen!