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Jonathon Vento

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Jonathon Vento is real estate developer based in Phoenix Arizona, with experience in the financial and technology space. Jonathon was born in the US, but has lived throughout Europe and Japan.In the early 1980s, he attended the University of Michigan, and graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in business/finance.

Over the course of his career, Jonathon Vento has built and managed more than 150 projects and operating companies throughout America, Europe and Asia over his 30- year career in renewable energy, real estate, technology and manufacturing, totaling in excess of US $5 billion. He has managed combined staffs of over 1,000 people in his prior roles as president and COO. Jonathon was born in the US, but has lived throughout Europe and Japan. He resides in Phoenix with his wife Lori.

Our best work is only made possible by having a team of innovators, dreamers, achievers, and collaborators. Composed of accomplished lifelong developers and eclectic young professionals, we are united in our passion for place-making and in leaving the world better than when we entered.

A most recent project of True North’s is Ro2, which is a multi use development located on Roosevelt Row, the downtown Phoenix arts district. Ro2 is a culmination of the True North’s team cultural experiences, community involvement, and passion for creating beautiful projects in Phoenix. Ro2 consists of mixed-use project types that will serve as a catalyst for long-term, sustainable growth that embraces and supports the Evans Churchill neighborhood of the Roosevelt Row Arts District in downtown Phoenix. Jonathon Vento and the True North team are driven to make Ro2 an iconic development that builds on the character and feel of the Roosevelt Row Arts District.

Apart from his work with True North, Jonathon Vento is also Managing Director of Blue Energy Partners. Blue Energy Partners is a company that looks for opportunities to advance energy markets, technologies and accessibility around the globe. Jonathon is also very invested in technology. Throughout his 35 professional years, Jonathon Vento has found himself immersed in a variety of industries. Today, he looks to bring best in class from other industries to bare across different spectrums.

Jonathon Vento and his wife Lori are also deeply passionate about their community. Having found himself without a home in the 8th grade, Jonathon Vento and his wife are advocates for the homeless. Together, they have worked with habitat for humanity and neighborhood ministries to bring shelter to those in need.


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